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This initiative that aims to bring the discussion of equity and diversity issues in STEM subjects to CEGEP students. The discussion of the gender disparity in STEMM subjects, physics in particular, has been shown by researchers to be the only intervention that positively alters the perception of physics for girls. We want to create a safe space to start discussions of the role of minority students in STEMM subjects.

A handful of students from the First Choice science group at Dawson College are researching and putting together a documentary about gender issues in selected STEM subjects. Working alongside the Department of Education, the Department of Physics and Women in Physics of McGill, they aim to have a documentary completed by April 2018.

Workshop content

We offer workshops to CEGEPs and high schools in the Montréal area to discuss equity and diversity in STEMM subjects, with a focus on gender in the physical sciences.


1.5 hour workshop discussion:

  • Current statistics of minorities in STEMM

  • Focus on gender in STEMM

  • Discussion of recent media attention on reasons for under-representation

Extra material for discussion

Interesting and useful articles for the discussion of gender in STEM areas:

See all science outreach events at McGill University and find out how to get involved here:


Department of Physics
Ernest Rutherford Physics Building
3600 Rue University
Montréal, QC H3A 2T8

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